System Energy Management & Performance


At Hillstar Building Management Ltd we understand that escalating energy costs are a concern amongst our customers, along with fully appreciating how energy conservation has become a priority in recent years.


The introduction of mandatory legislation regarding the utilisation of energy and a global push towards lowering carbon emissions has put tremendous pressure on organisations to reduce energy consumption.


Hillstar Building Management Ltd understands how energyis utilised within a building as typically 72% of energy is consumed through Lighting, along with Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC). Furthermore, we recognise how crucial it is that the system is running as efficiently as possible.


It is common place to see Building Management System controls (BMS) in most buildings which have HVAC. Unfortunately, through first hand experience in the industry it is also common place to see that such systems are in poor condition. Often this is down to poor maintenence whereby the efficiency of the system starts to decline over time as components and instruments fall out of calibration.


Furthermore, a concept which is often overlooked is whether the design of a system is 'fit for purpose' with regards to the current building function. Problems can arise through the change of occupancy and function of a building leading to higher energy costs.


The Solution:


Hillstar Building Management is able to take a systematic view of an HVAC system as a whole with regards to BMS controls and associated mechanical plant and services. We not only have a proven track record in troubleshooting and identifying problematic systems, but are able to offer in-house solutions. A solution based on sound engineering knowledge and expertise ensures that we are able to offer an unrivalled answer to identified system problems and issues which are promptly resolved in a professional manner.